Semi-Custom Websites

High End Sites on a Budget

We understand the unique challenges small businesses face. Many small businesses have great ideas and promising products, but a limited timeframe and budget. Our semi-custom websites are based on the most effective website layouts and strategies in the industry. We’ll incorporate your brand and identity into the layout, making it beautiful and all yours. Moreover, since we customize the design after you select a layout, your website is all yours (and not a template). The end result is a great looking website that drives results for your growing company.

Included Features - Semi Custom Websites

Included Features

Planning and Discovery
Our planning and discovery will ensure we create a website that gets results.
Elegant, Effective Layouts
Our layouts and designs are based on industry standards and best practices.
Branded Just for You
Our designs are completely customized, fully incorporating your identity and branding throughout.
Site Flow Engineering
We'll shape the path for your visitors to become customers.

Our Semi-Custom Design Process

The discovery phase sets the direction for the project. During this step, we’ll learn all about your company and it’s offerings, your goals and objectives, and how you differentiate yourself from the competition. We’ll also study your competition’s website to see what they’re doing and what we can learn from them. At the end of the discovery phrase, we’ll walk away with an understanding of your unique business position, and use it to create a website that drives results.
In the structure phase, we’ll work with you to select a basic layout for your website. Then we’ll create a sitemap and decide how to position all of your content and calls to action. We’ll also engineer a website flow that drives leads and sales on your site.
Good content is vital for a great website. In this step, we’ll work with you to decide on the messaging of each page. Depending on your scope, we’ll also work with you on creating interesting content that informs visitors and drives action.
Design is where the pretty pictures kick in. After the site’s structure is identified, we’ll get to work on creating beautiful designs that blend with your branding and match your message. Our designs deliver a sharp online presence for your business, while helping your company stand out. We’ll present you with a design mockup for your approval, and make revisions as needed.
The build step of the process is where your website comes to life. We code the design, install the content management system and load your content and photos. During this step, we’ll also add in other special functionality like user accounts, customer-only areas and photo galleries. After we complete the site build, we carefully review it to ensure it’s perfect. Once that’s complete, we’ll present the project to you for final approval.
During go-live, we’ll upload the new site, making it live for the whole world to see! We’ll monitor the website for the next few days to monitor and optimize it. After the project is complete, we’ll celebrate the success with you and keep track of the site’s progress in achieving its goals. After the site launches, we’ll transition to website marketing and or website maintenance.


Drupal CMS
A great took for large sites.
Convenient for small sites and blogs.
We provide legacy support for Joomla and Mambo CMS systems.
E-commerce carts let you sell online.
We can upload and manage videos for your site.
Facebook / Twitter
We'll keep your Facebook and Twitter buzzing and connecting with your customers.

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We are committed to building the best website for your business and delivering you with the best service. You can also count on receiving your project on time, on budget. We’re only happy when you’re happy. Read more about our guarantee.