Satisfaction Guarantee

We do everything we can and more to ensure you're satisfied!

A Message from our CEO

I founded Zuram in 2006 to ensure that all businesses could have great web presences to allow them to compete with the ‘big guys’ that had more resources to spend on the web. Ensuring our customers are satisfied is our number one priority.

We offer this guarantee to you so you can feel confident that we make your best interests our priority, and that we are committed to providing you with excellent service from the beginning of your project to go-live and beyond.

We can backup this guarantee because:

  • Masterful planning ensures by our certified Project Management Professionals ensures we thoroughly understand what you want, and deliver it on time, on budget.
  • Our site usability experts know how to shape the path of your visitors to your store or contact page.
  • Our designers are experts in their field, and constantly design beautiful websites that engage visitors and make them want to take action.
  • Our website experts have been programming for years, and are well versed in industry best practices, and the latest coding standards.
  • Our programmers are well versed in the latest coding standards, and know how to make pretty pictures come to life.
  • Our Process is designed to get things right every time. All of our website projects utilize our proven process to ensure no one misses a beat.

How the Guarantee Works
Our website projects are broken into five steps: planning, structure, content, design, and build out. Once we complete a step, you’ll review and approve it. If you have changes to make, we’ll make them and get your approval again. If for some reason you would like to exercise the guarantee, you can request a refund for that phase (and the phase after it if you paid in full at the commencement of the project.) Keep in mind that our goal is to keep our customers satisfied, and to date, we have never had any customer use the guarantee.

However, we like to keep it available to give you peace of mind. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I’m thrilled you are considering our services, and look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,
Austin Jackson