Use Facebook’s Timeline to tell your Story

Like it or not, Facebook is now an integral part of business marketing. Many companies understand that to succeed on Facebook or social media in general, they should post regular, concise messages that inform visitors and occasionally tell them about a promotion or ad. However, the recent redesign of Pages to include Timeline provides small businesses

4 Reasons We Love Campaign Sites

Campaign mini-sites, small websites companies create for special marketing campaigns or for certain customer segments can make your organization the source of information your prospects trust and consequently build better relationships with them that will translate into profit. Here are 4 reasons we love campaign sites.

The Dangerous Side of Deals

With the rise of websites and e-mail marketing, more and more small businesses are offering hefty discounts and coupons in an effort to drum up business, or simply to create a reason to communicate with customers. These businesses carry the notion that delivering coupons will motivate customers to make a purchase (in the often naive hope that sales volume will make up for lost profit.) However, are coupons really what drives customers to purchase?